Rastreamento VEXTRA
Through shorter routes with faster flights and connections, plus guaranteed space and a maximum of 24 hours between the airport of departure and the airport of destination, we guarantee with our team, the fastest delivery possible.

In addition, we have an internal intelligent software system, which monitors the entire Logistics process of each shipment, guaranteeing the security and visibility in real time of the step-by-step progress of each process.
This tool not only allows VEXTRA to perform the best delivery and collection of each shipment, either in Export or Import, but also allows the customer, through a direct link, to track their shipment and all processes during the from the origin to the destination.

The unification of the tracking system of the consignment, and the alignment of the logistics, has been improved through our support of T.I., in order that the client can follow closely the way that VEXTRA carries out its services.

In order to be, more and more, an efficient and efficient company, VEXTRA presents tools and personalized service to its customers, to meet and offer the best logistics solution.
Through POD VEX, it is possible to monitor in real time the position of your shipment.
Whether on your Desktop PC, Smarthphone or your Tablet, track your shipping
through a sophisticated reading system, and updated online software.