"Business model focused on shipments of express cargoes and parcels."

    VEXTRA offers a wide range of services that cater to critical orders, B2C distribution for e-commerce, palletized cargo and the traditional "door-to-door" express delivery service.

    Today, VEXTRA already serves the main national airports, and more than 4,500 Brazilian municipalities, with a high rate of punctuality and regularity.


         By operating hundreds of domestic and international flights daily, VEXTRA offers through its cargo unit an integrated network composed of air and road transport, with the aid of advanced systems and a qualified team to attend and make the experience of those who use the your services to the best of your ability.

         This network enables the exploration of new markets and opens opportunities to establish strong and lasting relationships with its Clients.



        These actions allow the express parcels and cargo service to be present in the large urban centers, interior of the great metropolis, industrial districts and agricultural areas, intensifying the relationship with corporate and non-corporate clients.
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     Investing increasingly in the expansion of its operations in the main cargo terminals, serving companies of various sectors and sizes.