"We introduce a new service that facilitates the life of micro, small and mediun enterprises."



A Simplified Export uses the Simplifed Export uses the Single Export Declaration (DU-E) system, this service ends with the bureaucracy and high costs charged with customs clearance, this is because the small exporter does not need to hire a customs broker, in this way optimizes their costs.


With the Simplified Export, the exporter can stil contract foreign exchange in the normal procedures of the Brazilian Law, thus faciltating immensely small exports and receiving the amounts involved.


The main difference is that there is no limit to the volume of your cargo provided it does not exceed the estimated value of US$ 50,000.00 (fifty thousand dollars) by Invoice.

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The DU-E has been growing day-to-day, and its tendency is to reach billions of dollars ammualy for these exports of less than US$ 50,000.00.


For this sucess we count on the initiative of the Brazilian government, facilitating and implementig this system.


With DU-E, micro, small and mediun-sized Brazilian companies can increase their participation in the foreign market. Even the large companies that already operate in the international market, can enjou the system in the export of smal values.


The Commercial Association of the State of São Paulo invited VEXTRA, due ti the great interest of the members, caused a great repercussion in this environment.



"A revolutionary charge, in the process of Export."


The DU-E is an eletronic document that contains information of a customs, administrative, commercial, financial, tax, and logistics nature, which characterize the operation of export of the goods proteceted by it and define the framework of this operation.



The DU-E serves as the basis for the export customs cleatance, replacing the current Export Register (RE), Export Declaration (DE) in its web versions and the Large Porte and Simplidies Export Declaration (DSE).

The DU-E system was integrates into the Single Foreign Trade Portal, which encopassed several tools on a single platform, which established the Single Export Declaration. The customs and administrative controls of an export carried out through DU-E are carried out through specialized modules of the Siscomex Portal.