Complete the Air Waybill (AWB)


Bill of Lading (AWB)

"The right information allows for faster delivery."

The AWB must be completed every time you make a shipment with VEXTRA.

This ensures a fast and secure delivery of your shipments. The most accurate, effective and quick way to complete your bill of lading is to download the AWB VEXTRA through our available file for download *.

* Note: The file is in Macro Excel and may request authorization to fill in and issue the Knowledge.


Why do I need a Bill of Lading (AWB)?

  • The AWB indicates to VEXTRA the destination of your shipment, the type of service requested, the type of merchandise, value, data, etc ...


  • Indicates the terms and conditions under which we provide our services. Please read them carefully as they limit and, in some cases, exclude our responsibility.


  • Indicates the number with which you can track your shipment through our website.


  • It indicates to the customs the contents of your shipment, so that it is released more quickly and without any delay in delivery.


  • All air transport knowledge has an expiration date. They can not be used after that date.